Insecurity is the nemesis of dignity and joy, so The Stan Lee Foundation supports compelling literacy and arts programs promoting life skills that inspire the superhero mindset and empower generations to realize their potential, manifest opportunity, and triumph over self-doubt.



Provide people access (all ages) to compelling literacy resources and arts programs, to participate in an engaged, interdisciplinary learner-centered environment for self-improvement and self-sufficiency.


Promote and communicate the importance of diversity, literacy, culture and the arts.


Embrace innovation, integrity, scholarly and artistic engagement to build a community of learners, collaborators and creators.



Stan Lee is considered by many to be the godfather of the comic book industry. His career in comic books spans more than 60 years but has always been defined by his dedication to the written word and commitment to excellence in the literary arts. His passion for teaching and sharing his craft is legendary and has spawned hundreds if not thousands of gifted writers and artists who have touched the lives of millions throughout the world.

Stan Lee’s famous co-creations include Spider-Man®, The Incredible Hulk®, X-Men®, The Fantastic Four® and Iron Man® among many others. Stan, known to millions as the man who has created Superhero characters and stories that propelled Marvel® Comics to its preeminent position in the comic book industry, first became publisher of Marvel® Comics in 1972 and is the Chairman Emeritus of Marvel® Enterprises, Inc. Stan Lee worked at POW! Entertainment, an advanced multimedia production and licensing company with his creative writing and storytelling.

Stan’s legacy of teaching has led to the creation of the Stan Lee Foundation, which is committed to compelling literacy, education and the arts programs that promote life skills. The Foundation will provide guidance, leadership and resources with other organizations that share its passion for quality in these fields.



The Stan Lee Foundation will provide guidance, leadership, resources and exposure to worthy institutions that share in its dedication to upholding these goals. In doing so, the Stan Lee Foundation will shape a new generation of writers, thinkers, philanthropists, innovators… heroes.

Literacy is a fundamental building block for general education. A literate society helps meet the complex demands of an evolving nation. Our ability to learn, work and prosper is based heavily on the ability to read.

*National Center for Education Statistics


Not only is literacy essential, it’s a right that is denied to many students because of ailing public school system budgets. Though private and charter schools are available to some, many children are lacking support for a quality education for many reasons. Aware of this need, the Stan Lee Foundation strives to provide equal access to literacy and education by traditional means as well as through innovation.

In partnership with leading nonprofit, educational, and arts organizations, the Stan Lee Foundation provides guidance, leadership and resources to high performing educational programs that will also encourage life skills.

Collaborating organizations will benefit by having access to one of the most trusted and respected literary icons of this era. With Stan Lee’s global media presence, the most important thing the Stan Lee Foundation can provide is EXPOSURE.



Provide innovative, best-of-breed technology resources and services, professional development and digital curriculum to support and improve access to literacy and learner readiness programs, resources and services.


Create partnerships with foundations, businesses, industry, local schools, government and other entities, that support and enhance various forms of literacy in life skills for the global community. Collaborating organizations will benefit by having access to the legacy of a trusted and respected literary icon and provide an important link to EXPOSURE.


Support effective and innovative educational, developmental and life skills education programs and services that can help elevate self-esteem, opportunity, and economic conditions.


Promote community engagement and giving toward self-empowerment and superhero pursuits for a global reach through continuation of the Legacy of Stan Lee. In doing so, the Stan Lee Foundation will shape future generations of thinkers, innovators, writers, creators, philanthropists…heroes.




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