The Stan Lee Foundation was co-founded with Stan Lee, Junko Kobayashi, and Theodore A. Adams, III in 2009 on behalf of the Comics Legend himself, Stan Lee. Stan was a prolific storyteller who wanted to provide entertainment that also taught you something. “I had a publisher who felt comics were just for little kiddies, so he never wanted me to use words of more than two syllables.” Said Stan, but of course Stan didn’t comply. The comics that Stan used to write while at Marvel were riddled with difficult and unusual vocabulary to challenge people who read them. Not only that, but he purposefully talked about issues of the time that people were afraid to talk about.


Over the years, it was important to Stan that he wanted to create programs that would help children and adults to learn to read and have entertaining stories that would entice reading and encourage literacy. He was also very interested in art and providing opportunities for artists, not only in fine art but in music, motion pictures, and of course his personal passion of acting. He was very busy with his company’s work and personal appearances, but he still made time to attend events on behalf of the Foundation.


After Stan’s transition in 2018, it became more important than ever to focus our efforts in re-establishing the Foundation’s connection with the public. It was important to bring a new team and encourage a new generation of people for fresh ideas, a new look, active programming and community outreach and of course a solid plan for fundraising and events.


In May 2019 the Foundation held a MasterMind event and brought together members of the board and a new group now called the Legacy Founders Circle. A group of men and women from their teens to their 70’s to provide different perspectives and experiences to guide the Foundation into the future. This core group along with the board and advisory will work toward creating an organization that can continue the legacy of Stan Lee and the good work that he wanted to see continue into the future.